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Acoustafoam is the founding company of the Acousta group. We specialise in the manufacturing of foam, rubber and plastic components for a wide verity of sectors. The components are processed from blocks, sheets and rolls of materials using our band saws, CNC machines and water jets to our customer’s specification.

Acoustafoam is a significant player in the moulding of polyurethanes. Specifically in complex components such as floor mats, armrests, headrests, seating, trim and headliners. We are one of a few manufacturers who have an Integral Skin machine. As a result, this allows us to create products featuring multiple colours, UV stabilisers and anti-bacterial additives. We can incorporate inserts facilitating a wide variety of customer needs. In other words, if you have a unique design which requires a particular insert. The insert included it at the moulding stage, speeding up production.  We provide a product design and development service to all our clients with any query they may have with regards to their product. We also offer acoustic testing, Sampling and Rapid Prototyping as customer


We provide a product design and development service to all our clients. Over the years, we have gained a broad range of knowledge and expertise. Which we like to offer our customers to answer any questions they may have about their products.

We offer acoustic testing on any material you would like to use. To make sure the material reaches the standards needed. We provide acoustic testing on in-house materials as well as supplied materials.

With the introduction of a new management system that incorporates ISO 9001-2015 Acoustafoam Limited has the infrastructure and team available to offer our clients the service needed in a modern manufacturing marketplace. In conclusion, Acoustafoam Ltd is striving to provide the best service possible to the latest standards.

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